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SRA Academic Publishing are now inviting book proposals in all our academic and scholarly research fields. We would be pleased if you would consider submitting a proposal to publish a book or edited collection.

We publish in all major fields of academic research and practice, in Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Applied Sciences, and Health Sciences. SRA Academic Publishing offer a fast, fair and friendly proposal review. Our titles are all published in handsome hardback, as well as eBook formats.

Proposals for an authored title or edited collection should be submitted via our Book Proposal Form. We are very happy to consider edited collections from Conferences, and adapted Doctoral Theses.

Books should be more than 35,000 words and fewer than 200,000 words, except in exceptional circumstances. We ask that any permissions required (such as translations, or the rights to include a previously published section) be agreed before proposal submission.

We welcome your suggestions for new publications. Within this section of the website you will find an overview of the proposal, submission, and publication processes but if any of your questions aren’t answered, please contact to